Haj Mademba has designed suits for some of the world's most renowned individuals, from dignitaries and political leaders to artists,  entertainers, and professional athletes. Throughout his career as a fashion designer, he has contributed iconic fashion silhouettes to the movie and television industry.


Born in Senegal and raised in France, Mademba is a third-generation designer who began under the strict guidance of his father, Barra Gueye, a couturier known for creating apparel worn by members of the  West African Social and Political Elite.


Haj was mentored early in his career by Gianni Versace and further perfected his craft and business acumen by working with some of the leading couture houses in Paris.

Moving to the United States in 1987, Mademba laid the framework for the Haj Mademba line, where bespoke men’s and women’s garments are created with an eye on the suit using high-quality Italian fabrics.

Operating at the forefront of the manufacturing industry in Senegal, Maison de Haj conducts business in an environmentally friendly manner, particularly with respect to packaging materials and the use of natural-fiber fabrics for garments. Socially conscious since its inception, Maison de Haj has made philanthropy an integral characteristic of its business model such as supporting youth education and mentorship through

Project Gentleman and Inner Vision International

We collaborate to help these hard-working young men from disadvantaged communities in the areas of self-identity and self-awareness also provides them with proper suits and clothing as they take life-defining steps into manhood and the business world. To date, Project Gentleman, Inner Vision International and Maison de Haj have distributed more than 5,000 suits to young men in the Chicago area and close to 6,000 in Senegal.


We are excited to continue that legendary tradition of impeccable suit-making into the digital future, with a new, digital platform for experiencing Maison de Haj.