Bespoke Services

Haj Mademba Bespoke Services are tailored to ensure you are supported throughout your entire journey of creating the perfect garment for you, your body, your image and your lifestyle. 

Haj creates the appearance and the very essence of luxury, with garments that are made to your exact specifications and reflect and express your personality.

We offer you a garment developed from the most exquisite cloth and made to measure in the finest tradition, with exceptional style and an impeccable cut. A Haj Mademba tailor-made suit is created with excellence and care as it has as many as 3,000 to 6,000 hand stitches to create that distinguishing finished look.

3 Ways to Experience the Mademba Method of Digital Bespoke by Maison de Haj.

1. Book an Appointment

Haj makes himself personally available to every client, offering personal style and wardrobe consultations for any patron interested in acquiring a Haj Mademba suit. Tell us what you are looking for and/or what you need and we'll help you look your best. 

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2. Submit Your Measurements and Create a Digital Bespoke Profile

Create your Personal Digital Bespoke Profile by submitting your measurements within The Mademba Self Measurement Guide or Digital Bespoke Profile pages.


3. Choose from the E-Boutique and Customize Your Suit

Every Suit Haj makes is tailor fit to the exact measurement specifications. Include your personal measurements when checking out of your garment. You only need to include your measurements with ONE product, if you purchase multiple garments.

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